The Journey To Wholeness Retreats

Online One Day Retreat July 25th, 2020. 9:15 am - 5:30 pm EST


What is consciousness?

Evolution of consciousness.

How we become seperate.

Journey home.

During the The Journey Home To Wholeness Retreats, I connect everyone directly to the quantum field. The field is the energy of unconditional love. Through our lifetime(s) we have experienced all versions of polarity. Happiness-sadness, poverty-wealth, fear-freedom, health-sickness, love-abuse, life-death, etc. In many cases there is no effect, but in others there is an imprint left in our fields. This imprint is in our nervous system, our thoughts, beliefs, cells, emotions, subconscious and creates a manifested reality based on it. Let's call it the light and shadow of ourselves. There is no judgment from the universe of all these experiences. The issue becomes when these energies create without our awareness, or control behind the scenes. If you don't know what is going on behind the scenes, then you don't know what your energy is saying.

During these retreats I submerge you into the field of unconditional love which is at the quantum level where all of the distortions are seen and then healed. Change becomes real and permanent.

When you're in the pure unconditional love of the universe, you can shift quickly. Stories just melt away, relationships heal,bodies start to heal, life changes, things become easier.

This energy transmission also amplifies your intuition, connection to the universe very quickly. Magical events start happening like getting free stuff, free upgrades, people give you attention without you asking, family, friends, co-workers become nice to you, increases in salaries and the list goes on and on! Life becomes easy and fun.

These retreats shift your DNA at the core permanently. Most people reverse the aging process and looks 10-20 years younger. Sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, self loathing, poverty, apathy, helplessness, victimization, violence, terror, rage etc. can be encoded in your genes. You can clear all your thoughts and feelings but the genes need to be shifted as well. In many cases these energies can affect your physical body, relationships, money, sex life etc. If you've tried everything and something is not changing, then your lineages energy might be affecting your life and creations or lack of them. The best part of this work is that your children, nieces, nephews, parents, grandparents are affected as well as they are part of the same DNA lineage. You become the conduit of change for them. You don't have to go home and DO anything. BEING in this energy will take care of it for you!

Next retreat will be online. Please read the requirements before signing up.

You have received or practiced energy healing for at least 6 months and understand the basis of the process. Participated in spiritual or energy healing classes, read books on healing/spirituality. You haven't been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, PTSD, or any other mental health issue. If your using drugs or highly medicated this class isn't for you.

This is a online via Zoom retreat. This is a teleconferencing free system that allows you to watch, hear and participate in real time. This is a cost effective way to attend the retreat without traveling to Boston. You will need a camera, speakers and a headphone for the most comfortable participation. You can download this free technology at

You will also receive video recordings of the retreat if you can't make it.The energy is encoded in the recordings and the more you watch them, the more shifts can happen.

Interview and Clearing

July 25th, 2020. 9:30 am est - ends at 5:30 pm est. Please come 15 minutes earlier online. There will be a 1 hour lunch break and 2 smaller bathroom breaks. $444

You will receive zoom information within 24 hours of registering unless it's a holiday or weekend. Please check spam if you don't receive it first and then contact me if it's not there asap. Don't wait till the night before or day of the retreat.

Hi Mona!

I thought you might like to see some of the things that have happened so far from the retreat:

At the airport and some here (I haven’t been out as much so not sure yet ) I had more men asking if they could or doing stuff for me or flirting it was nice. At the hotel, Louise (at the front desk a nice lady) kept giving me free food and drinks from the hotel (it’s normally expensive!!) and when I only took a few things she insisted that I take more!! LOL!! So cool!

C. and I went out to lunch on Monday after the retreat and they kept giving us free stuff like crazy! Free tea, free food etc!! We were blown away! They also made us little origami shaped straws and I’ve never had them do that before at this place! They are always nice there but it was extra nice!

Okay this one is the crazy one- my tire on the car got Very Low over the weekend. I went to go put air in it and a man came up to me in the parking lot who was driving a Triple A truck. I was a little scared cuz it was late and he just approached me and told me the air machine didn’t work. I was getting mixed answers from my intuition about him too. He offered to put air from his car in mine. I went to turn him down and then he said his air device didn’t work BUT he wanted to change my tire for me.

So he put my spare tire on and when he did he discovered there was a huge nail in my tire. I decided to let him b/c there was a police man talking to him that was there too. But he approached me and then when I said no to the air he then was like “let me change your tire” and if he hadn’t it would have blown out!!! Also, I did a quick clearing for him in the Parking lot for helping and that was crazy and cool too! Half of his energy was gone and it came back! It was all very wild and cool!

I was approved by PayPal for a $250 credit line. It may not sound like a big deal but it’s Huge as I’ve always been rejected in the past few years. I’m so happy! I have been saving it but I got approved- Yayy!

Also, since I moved out I can go to the bathroom again. I know sort of TMI but I never went regularly for a few years and now everyday!

Thank you so much again and will keep sending more updates! - Anonymous

Hi Mona,

Gosh when you said i will make a lot of money you were not kidding! I received this amazing lead from my home office on Friday. I met with the company today and i have 10 appointments (4 i did today) so far! From cases I opened today looks to be about $20k in commissions that i could be getting as early as December. I still have 12 more employees to meet with, not to mention the spouses accounts they want me to manage! My head is spinning Mona! Thank you for believing in me and shifting my self sabotage. I cant wait to get out of debt. I hope you are enjoying your day! I will be a busy bee this week and next.-Anonymous

Dear Mona,

I have felt an incredible shift of energy, I feel my body is channeling. I trained yesterday after having not trained for a few weeks and it felt like I was channeling a different force. My coach was the one who needed the breaks. Today I went for Qi Gong in park with a few friends and had a similar channeling experience, The level of energy going through my body was so high, I was feeling a strong powerful electric current running through my hands like never before, there is a point I felt that if I could channel this energy further I would have been able to fly.

I did reiki on a couple of people on Sunday, I was able to scan, feel the blockages and was able to get these lady to release blocks in their hearts, just energy no talk. I feel this is just the beginning, discovering and learning everyday and loving every moment of it.

This all feels like the most incredible gift. Thank you Mona for your amazing teaching and transmission.

Lots and lots of LOVE. Marianne

Hello Mona, I hope things are great with you!

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have attended your 4 day retreat. I FEEL the effects of working with you are profound, also it was very cool how all topics brought up, to you, by our group resonated with me , I was able to learn from everyone.

Thank you for your time and energy(lots and lots of energy)

Best wishes Geoffrey, CA

My dear Mona,

I wrote down today my feelings and my thoughts and understood how much checked out I was. Thank you for bearing with me - so kindly teaching me patience, inclusivity and holding space. I have been receiving so much since then (pay-checks, refunds, interview invites! and complimentary chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream!). Mona, I love you. I am so lucky to have found you, so blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.-Margarita England

Hello Mona,

I send this mail because I want to share my happiness with you and thank you once more for this last retreat.

My mom's life improves dramatically to the better (!!) . I almost feel she does half the retreat.

After the retreat in a few days and few hours of practicing I played for the first time with my 'own will' a Mozart sonata. Its such a joyful experience, fun playful and vital. For the first time I can feel from inside this Mozart guy (lol). Its wonderful that the universe wants to include me. Its amazing how telling and trying to feel the truth transforms my relationship (with my partner) in just a week. Sexual and daily interactions are changing. And sometimes he strikes me with profound phrases during a conversation such as 'I m grateful to have you to get me down there path to feel my own feelings' Wow! Where did this come from?? His attitude transforms radically as I am asking internally what I want, even during sexual interactions. That's such an unusual thing! I m just observing things. I also try to be kind and compassionate, as I learned about the situation with my mom (in that case it was a complete transformation of our relationship) I m so grateful for all this :) Ioanna -Germany

Hi Mona!

I just wanted to tell you what happened right before the 2 day retreat and after the 6 day retreat:

I had only eat tuna for two years (from another retreat) and had been a hard core vegan/vegetarian for most of my life. I am flabbergasted by the change and it's HUGE! I never thought I would ever be able to eat meat and it seems to be changing my body, thinking, and health when I listen and eat it.

The very noticeable scars from the scar tissue removal surgery are shrinking!!! They were very wide before- they started to itch a lot during the retreat and they are much thinner.

People are opening doors for me and doing nice things.

The IRS gave us a payment plan for the 6,000 in taxes that we owe and not only did they give us one when they had previously said none were available- they also reduced our current payment plan by about $40! () and I were in awe that this happened. We were just calling to see if they would give us more time to pay it and instead they did this for us! And we got the nicest customer service person. We are so relieved and grateful in a way that I can't even tell you Mona!!! This was one of the biggest stressors we were dealing with. Thank you so much for shifting us into the solution. I truly can't thank you enough!!

Thank you so much- it's always very cool to see how things go so well when we see you and work with you!

Hi Mona,

I want to tell you that I've been using all your teachings in dealing with my emotions and my reactions .... am going through a beautiful time in my life where i really feel loved specially by my family my brothers and sister and even my parents ..... and its lovely to feel loved and supported.

I remember what I asked for last year in your retreat when u asked what do I want ...I still remember i asked for love and peace... and am living it. I really couldn't wait for the session to tell you all this!! Shatha - Kuwait

Hi Mona,

Wanted to let you know a lot of the issues I talked about during the retreat are resolving themselves! Still working on loving myself but that will come. I am also pregnant! So thanks a lot for all your help!! I'm happier than I have been in over a year! Talk soon. Julie, France

I am still experiencing small miracles almost daily. How easy some things seem now. Recently I have found joy in playing the piano again. I haven't touched my piano in more than 10 years. -Melissa, Singapore
Business has gotten so busy the last few days that I had to take off today because I haven't rested at all or had time for anything else! Yay!! Also I have been way better with boundaries. - Autumn, Georgia
I went to sleep the night of the retreat wondering if the good feelings would disappear by morning. When I awoke, the first feeling I felt was peace. I went to the park, enjoyed the forest and sat amongst the trees for about 2.5 hours. As I lay on the ground looking up at the leaves, 4 butterflies surrounded me, one brushed up against my cheek as if it was whispering something to me. Later I drove to the grocery store, a butterfly was hovering around my truck window as I sat in the car talking on the phone, and it made me smile. I felt uplifted all day. I wondered if the feeling would go away that night and I would awake without the joy. Yesterday, Tuesday morning I awoke and it was raining. My first thought was no butterflies today. But I still felt the love and felt good. I went to an early doctors appointment and parked on the top level of the parking garage in the rain. As I pulled in, the rain pouring down, a butterfly hovered around my door window and windshield. I couldn't believe the butterfly was flying in the rain just to be near me. It made me laugh out loud. I said I love you too. My doctor was shocked at how good I looked and said all my vitals were in perfect shape. I went to visit my lil sis from the big sister association and I felt the energy she was sending me and I was able to communicate with her on a deeper level. You said things would be different. I feel lighter, happier, more connected. I have peace surrounding me. This is the happiest I have felt and it has nothing to do with a guy. -Cathy, Ohio
I just really wanted to take this opportunity to absolutely thank you as powerfully as I can from the bottom of my heart. The energy that you BE is such a profound contribution. What you have gifted to not only me but the whole group is priceless. After my final feeling meditation with you today, I just went so deep & in the blink of an eye the retreat was over. So i didn't feel like I authentically got the chance to just thank you the way I really wanted to. When It was over, I knew I was actually IN MY BODY! Heheh, & it was pure space, peace and joy. It was a space that I had not accessed before. It is powerful and not because of my "knowledge", but my knowing. I actually feel in my body now, or embodied. Now mind comes and goes, but i don't get lost with it and check out. I am here, and I'm with myself, I'm on my own side now. It's really beautiful, I had a good cry after the retreat just being with myself in appreciation of myself and everything this retreat offered us. Thanks again Mona, Big big hugs and much love.-Nikhil, Hawaii

Dear Mona,

You are TRUTH, LOVE and BEAUTY and you gave that to us! I feel it, I'm floating! You are a GREAT TEACHER and what you did was awesome! THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU and I feel honored you included me in your garden :) I'm so grateful for your generosity! This was the most enriching experience ever! I'm grateful for meeting everyone in the group and for all the lesson everyone taught :) I'm taking everything along my journey and I keep going! You will always be my guiding star!

My sister just got a job as a business consultant in a good company back home! This is huge for her and for the whole family! Our work with you has an immediate effect!!! Thank you :)) () said to tell you thanks too, even though she doesn't understand what's going on :))) Big Hug, Nina, Greece

Dearest Mona, Everything is different now. Everything is better now. I am still getting my footing , if you will, but have more and more conscious awareness...I now know what that is how and how it feels. My journeys are richer - more information! - deeper and riding with Smoke - out in the wilderness - threading our way through the trees while the thunder rolled and listening to the sound of the was incredible. Smoke and I felt truly as one. When I was in my body, in my feel, aware ...he and I were one - he responded in an amazing way. It was the first time I have ridden out like that where I was not full of fear...I was not in survival , but thriving. I always remember him thundering across the Universe. I just wanted to say thank you for challenging me to take the steps that I so was digging my heels in to avoid!! Blessings to you my dear friend, Love Jan, Canada

This was the most powerful transforming energy work/life work I have ever had the honor to experience, and the most amazing was to see everyone morphing! WOW, Mona, WOW! You truly embody this authentic incredible teacher, friend, +leader, and most importantly bullshit caller when needed, oh and goof ball :)- Romania